Is it time to start renting your office furniture?

Ikea recently announced plans to allow its customer’s to rent furniture

They want to give their customers the opportunity to rent their interior decoration, allowing them to change the look of their homes and offices from time to time without throwing away good furniture.

A trial has begun in Switzerland, offering businesses the opportunity to rent office furniture such as office desks and office chairs, and whilst the details of how this might roll out are still unknown, it is all part of Ikea’s drive to support sustainability (Ikea already refurbish more than 12,000 old beds, sofas and appliances per year, returned to them by customers and passed onto those in need via local charities).

Once you feel like you need a change, just return the furniture and Ikea will clean it up, refurbish it, and send it off to the next person while you get to select new furniture.

Nothing is known yet about what will happen if customers damage the furniture before they hand it back or whether the scheme will be available to all customers eventually, but it is an interesting idea.

However leasing an asset is nothing new and at Posture Team we have already helped a number of our clients to lease their office furniture.

Setting up a new office or indeed refitting an existing one is not cheap, so leasing your office furniture is a great way to save on capital costs, spreading the payments over a period of time, as well as reducing your overall tax bill (lease payments are tax deductible and offer a much better payback than the relief offered against the relatively slow depreciation of furniture as a capital asset).

Lease your office furniture from Posture Team and protect your capital. Pay a fixed fee over an agreed period and at the end of the term simply hand it back and begin again with new equipment, or pay a nominal fee and keep it.

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