Modern Day Office Design

Historically office design was all about making the most of the physical space available; how many desks can we fit into the space we have, because more workers means more productivity right?

However, if you talk to any productivity specialist they will tell you that it’s not about the quantity of hours you work, it’s about the quality of the hours you put in.

When we design an office we look to create something that is right for you and your business, something that will help you deliver what you do as effectively and efficiently as possible.

It’s no longer about shoe-horning staff into as small a space as possible to keep those overheads down. In fact a recent Galley Poll stated more than half of workers admitted to being disengaged at work, which is not great for productivity.

The design of your office plays a massive part in how productive you are (indeed a well-designed office will increase your team’s ability to focus and can increase productivity by up to 20%).

  • The layout and function of your office will affect your ability to work
  • The use of colours and lighting (natural or otherwise) will effect the motivation and engagement of your team.

We want you to have a workspace that supports the well-being of your staff, both physically and mentally :

  • Workstations that are ergonomically correct.
  • Chairs than support better posture.
  • Better still, sit-stand desks that allow your workers to move more.
  • Cable management systems to keep everything neat and tidy, whilst offering easy access to power, internet and telephony.
  • Light and spacious areas that encourage thinking.

We can provide a whole host of furniture and furnishings to create a wide range of different working areas:

  • Hot desking facilities.
  • Meeting and collaboration areas.
  • Pods and booths that allows staff to escape the hustle and bustle of the office and focus on the work at hand.

Of course, going open plan can be great in respect of creating light and spacious areas, but they can be noisy, however the careful use of screens and sound absorbing materials can help overcome that.

If you’d like to learn more about how good office design can help improve the productivity of your business, please give us a call on 0191 516 6226  or email us on we’d love to talk.

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