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Creating The Best Home Office in The North East

Whether you work from home as part of your job’s perks of flexible working, or you run your own business, it’s important that you have an appropriate space for working. Whether it’s turning your spare room into a multi-use office space, or creating an area in an unused corner of your dining room, it’s essential to have somewhere to be productive.

According to the North East Salary Report by Nigel Wright, in 2019 working from home has been on the rise. With just under three-quarters of respondents saying their employers offer some form of flexible working, working from home has been on the rise. By allowing people to choose their own hours, we’ve seen a rise in employee satisfaction and work/life balance – something that’s important across all industries. 

Whether it’s a working parent who tailors their hours around their kid’s childcare or the simplicity of being able to take some time out for a doctors appointment, flexible working has several benefits. Many people choose to work from home for several reasons. This could be to save a long commute, work in a quieter environment or to spend more time with family.

A big reason why a home office is important is to minimise the distractions that working from home can cause. It gives you a set space to feel like you are ‘at work’ without actually having to be there and gives some differentiation to work and general life.

But how do we create one? Here are some simple things to keep in mind to ensure you’re working to maximum potential in the comfort of your own home.


The first step to creating a home office is to find a suitable space in your home to work from and no, the living room sofa isn’t the best place to work from! Make sure that you have somewhere with a level of privacy to allow you to get your work done, especially if you’re not the only one who’s going to be home. This is especially important if you take regular work calls. A client doesn’t need to hear your roommate blending their morning smoothie in the background. Whether this means adding a workspace to your bedroom, or your kitchen, it’s important to have a designated area. 


A solid, even surface like a desk has several benefits. Although sitting with your laptop may be comfortable for a short period of time, think about your home office long-term. Having a desk means having space to home your working equipment, any paper/notebooks and even your third-morning coffee. Having a desk allows for storage of everything work-related, meaning you won’t lose anything of importance and you can keep everything in one place.


Whether you choose to work shorter days or you’re at your desk for the best part of 8 hours, being comfortable at your workspace is important for not only your mindset but your posture too. Having an ergonomic chair at home can have plenty of benefits, including minimising pressure on the joints and increasing blood flow in the body. By having support in specific areas around the body whilst you are sat at a desk, it makes working at home not only comfortable but productive too.


Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or part of a team under an employer, accessorising your desk helps give it character. As well as the important, office essentials like a printer, desk organisers and stationery pots, accessorising can still make it feel like home. Add personal touches like small decorations, plants, good lighting and photo frames to make it feel like your space. 

Whether you need to reinvent your current space or create something completely new, our team of experts at Posture can help you find the right office furniture to suit your style and needs. Start your comfortable and productive home working journey today.

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