How to Find The Best Office Chair to Fit Your Needs

Office chairs are hugely important and we may not realise it. Think about where you spend most of your working day if you are based in an office, chances are you’re in your chair for most of it. This reason alone is why we encourage you to invest in a chair that is best for you.

40 or so hours a week is a lot of time to spend in a chair that is uncomfortable, squeaky and flimsy and if you aren’t careful, you can spend more money replacing broken and old chairs if you don’t buy the right one. It’s a strange, but true fact that more people nowadays spend more time sat at a computer then they do in their own beds. If that isn’t a reason to invest in the right chair – we don’t know what is!

Whether you need it for home or business, office chairs don’t tend to my your standard swivel chairs anymore and there is a range of options to choose from. But what type of office chairs would suit your needs?

Task and Ergonomic Chairs

These chairs are your more traditional approach and you have probably seen numerous variations of these online or in reality – they are your standard computer chairs. Some of the features that they tend to have are swivel casters for easy movement around if needed, a gas lift for when it comes to adjusting the height to fit. They are usually ergonomically designed so that they help you achieve the correct posture, helping to prevent office-based injuries and/or muscle and joint strains. They can have various adjustable parts such as headrests, backs and armrests, all aimed at providing you with the comfiest solution possible.

These types of office chairs are widely suited for the home and office environments and come in an array of styles and colours. If you spend a lot of time working away at your desk, it’s most likely to be the best solution for you as it promotes both comfort and productivity.

Executive Chairs

When we think of the likes of a big board room or a CEO’s office, we instantly get the image of a big black leather chair and that is exactly what an executive chair is. They tend to be fairly stylish and on the more larger side than the above task chairs with an elongated back with extra padding. Although they may be able to be height adjusted, they are usually non-adjustable in all of their other aspects. 

Executive chairs and built for those who don’t spend all day at their desk as they are often designed to ‘look good’ rather than being comfortable long-term. They are ideally made for executives who may spend more of their time out of the office or in meetings rather than at their desk.

Designer Chairs

The last option for chairs is those that are made for design, rather than comfort. They tend to be simple, elegant and come in various options to suit a wide range of offices. They tend to be rigid, made of harder materials such as plastic, chrome and leather and they do not tend to be at any point, adjustable. 

These chairs are often used for either decoration or short-period working spaces. Whether it’s in a meeting room or a hot desk, they are designed to be used for only a short period of times. They can be used to create a particular environment or to enhance various seating areas that you may have.

Depending on your workspace and who the chairs will be used for and what purpose, there is a huge range of chairs to choose from. Do you need something comfortable for longer working periods? Or something more trendy to make your meeting rooms look appealing? Whatever your need, we can help you find an office chair to suit you.

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