Ergonomics in The Office

Ergonomics is a word that we often see as consumers, but may not wholly understand. When we use the word ergonomic to describe something, a product, piece of equipment, collection of furniture, it essentially means that extra thought has gone into it so that it is fit for human use. Creating something that is ergonomic means that there has been a great level of care taken into the design to ensure that it’s not only fit for its user but for the environment and task at hand.

Ergonomics can be applied to lots of your household objects, like mugs and even toothbrushes but if you work in an office environment 5 days a week, you’d expect certain aspects of your workspace to be ergonomically friendly. By taking ergonomic designs into account, you can prevent strains, aches and make employees feel more comfortable in their environment and therefore more productive. Poor ergonomics can often cause carpal tunnel, Raynaud’s and lower back problems and if these occur, can lead to staff absences. 

So what can we include in an office to make it more ergonomically friendly, you’d be surprised at the products you can implement to ensure comfort is key in the workplace.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you have the average working week or you have employees who sit at their desk for long time periods, ergonomic chairs are almost a must in any working environment. The benefits of having ergonomic chairs in your office are that they increase the blood flow in the body and they reduce the risk of developing muscle deterioration. They are often made in a way that supports the back, neck and arms to remove any tension and promote good posture.  

Adjustable Desks

Workflow is an ever-changing thing and sometimes sitting at a desk for hours at a time can become tiresome. Although you should always encourage regular walks to promote a healthy working lifestyle, sometimes work can run away with you. By having adjustable desks like a Sit-Stand Desk can help to regain blood flow in the body that we can sometimes reduce from constant sitting. They allow users to use the desired height they want and can be ideal for those who actually aren’t at their desk constantly.

Keyboards & Monitors

The other elements of our desk ar just as important as the chair we sit on. The inclusion of monitor arms is something that we are seeing more and more often than not being implemented throughout workspaces. These allow the user to adjust the height and angle to something that is more suitable for them. Particular keyboards and mouse mats are also available that are designed so that the user can have relative wrist support.


Ergonomics doesn’t have to stop just there, it can even be brought down to the smaller things, like pens. If you are a regular pen user at work, whether you make lots of notes or have to handwrite any reports, ensuring that it’s comfortable in your fingertips are important. There are pens available that are designed in a way that feels much more comfortable in your hand and also ones that have rubber support to stop any blisters occurring.

There are many aspects of the office that can be looked at from a more ergonomic angle and this can often boost morale, promote productivity and ensure your staff are as comfortable as possible whilst working. Want to know how we can help you achieve a more relaxing office space? Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you create the space that’s right for you.

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