5 Reasons to refurbish your office space

Office refurbishment is always an exciting time. Perhaps you’re moving into a new space that needs a dusting of your companies’ personality, or maybe you’re just ready for a change in your current office. Changing your office can always be inspiring and often what you need to bring that spark back into the business. 

There are lots to think about when it comes to refurbishment. Will you knock down walls? Build new ones? Create unique workstations? Will you incorporate hot desking? New meeting rooms? A fancy reception area? All of these things need to be considered when you’re deciding on an office refurb.

Maybe you’re pondering whether an office refurbishment is a right move for you? Today, we’re here to share some reasons why it may be a good idea…  


Growth – One of the biggest reasons for a new office is the fantastic news that your business is growing! Maybe you’ve had your best year yet and your current staff are all beginning to look a little bit cramped or you’re simply opening up new roles in the next few months. A bigger, better thought-out office space can always help when your staff levels are on the rise. You can create more space for workstations and even split them out into any teams that you feel are suitable, bringing a new level of organisation and structure to the business.


Use of Space – Be honest, do you feel as if you utilise your space in the most efficient way? Whether you’re trying to make a big room look busy or a small room work for you, an office refurb can help you clarify your needs. By stripping everything back and looking at the overall picture, you can really consider the different elements you need for your office space and plan them out accordingly. Having someone else look in on your office space can bring a great, different way of thinking that you may have never thought of!


Increase Morale – All your employees want is to feel cared for and this includes investing in the space in which they work. Nobody wants to sit and look at 4 blank walls all day in a room that has very little personality. By creating a space that’s unique to you can bring a sense of belonging to your employees, increasing their productivity levels and happiness in terms of coming to work.


Standing Out – Sometimes, especially when we start-up, we take inspiration from other businesses and simply ‘just want to get started’. This can often mean investing in basic office design aspects and equipment, like the usual office desks and chairs. By undergoing an office refurbishment, it’s your chance to put your stamp on things now that you’ve had time to ‘settle in’ to your space. Create a new environment that’s like no other and gets people talking about you. It may even bring you more business…


Create New Spaces – Growth doesn’t always have to be in terms of workspace or profit, but you can grow your brand image and solidify your company’s ethos by creating new and exciting spaces during your refurbishment. Perhaps you’ve decided to add some solo working spaces for those individuals who prefer to sometimes work in a quieter environment. You could even consider going in the opposite direction and add a common room for your employees to relax in.


There are endless opportunities when it comes to office refurbishment and we love to take our clients on a transformative journey with our office fit-out service. If you’re looking into creating a workspace to inspire yourself and your team in the North-East area, feel free to get in touch. You can call us on 0191 516 6226 or email us on sales@postureteam.com where one of our team will be more than happy to help.

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