Posture In The Office; A Scary Look Into The Future & What We Can Do Now

A Look Into The Future of Our Posture

We’ve known for years that posture in the office can be quite an issue. But when we came across this rather scary image in a recent article by Sky a few weeks ago, it really did give us the heebie-jeebies. It depicts a model image of what office workers could look like in 20 years if nothing is done about bad posture in the workplace and it’s quite scary to both look at and think about!

Sky share that features of an office worker years to come could be; a constantly hunched back, protruding stomach, thick varicose veins and sore eyes. All features that have developed from years of working at a desk and with bad posture. This includes hunching over to work on a laptop, concentrating constantly on a screen and having, for the most part, lead a pretty sedentary life.

In terms of office furniture, lots of workplaces tend to go for generic, relatively cheap office chairs and desks. Although functionality wise they do serve their purpose they were designed for, they can be damaging when used long term. Posture is something that any business owner should take seriously as it can have lasting effects on their staff members both physical and mental health which in turn can affect the business.


How To Have Better Posture At Work

Embracing good posture in the workplace can prevent this weird futuristic doll becoming a reality. By putting certain things in place, we can prevent various medical problems and create a safe working environment for both ourselves and our staff. We often see the usual stuff in terms of improving posture such as ‘sit up straight’, but here we’re going to break it down into simple solutions that we’re hoping will make a world of difference.


Moving More

One of the big issues of this situation is that, for the most part, office workers don’t move around as much. As opposed to those who have a more active job, office workers tend to only get up and move around when they need to take a toilet or tea break or are going to have their lunch. To combat this, every twenty minutes office workers should get up and have a short walk around, whether it’s just down the corridor or to the staff kitchen and back. Moving around regularly helps us not get so comfortable in that bad posture and stretches off our muscles and keeps the blood flowing around.


Desk Exercise

It may sound odd to most, but doing certain exercises at your desk can really assist in your posture and making sure your body is in as best condition as it can be despite the circumstances. As we’ve spoken about in our Workout at your Desk blog post, sitting down all day can certainly take its toll on your body. Shortened muscles, depleted blood supply and pressure on your spine and back to name a few. If you’re interested in a few quick moves to keep your body in ship-shape at your desk, head on over to that blog post for a rundown of what to do.


Office Furniture

A simple but effective solution that can really assist in your posture in the workplace. Like we previously mentioned, often offices are full of the usual desks and chairs that simply do their job. But for those who really want to invest in their employee’s physical wellbeing it could be worth looking into office furniture that will benefit their posture rather than cause issues along the way. Ergonomic chairs are designed in a way that supports the back, neck and arms to promote good posture whilst Sit Stand Desks promote getting up from time to time if you’re bored of sitting down.


Sky’s article shared that in the report by Fellowes that over 90% of office workers suffer from health issues from time to time because of their jobs, causing them to perform poorly. Now think, is that a statistic you can afford to get on board within your workplace? Or do you want to make your staff as comfortable as possible?

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