Simple Tricks To Improve Your (Or Your Employees’) Workday

Whether you are back in the office or working from home there are plenty of simple tricks to improve your workday. If you are an employer looking for company-wide tweaks to increase productivity or an employee wanting your workday to run more smoothly, we have some great tips for you.


Ergonomic Office Furniture

One of the biggest pain points of anyone’s workday is aches and pains from hours sat in a chair with poor posture. In the office, this can be mitigated with ergonomic office furniture. Replacing office chairs with ergonomic chairs is sure to make your workforce healthier and happier and create an all-round better working environment. When working from home you may or may not have access to ergonomic chairs but either way it is important to stay cognisant of your posture and take regular breaks from sitting down.


Install Updates

Is your computer running a little slow? Do programs keep crashing? These are certain to make your day needlessly difficult. Installing updates and getting everything running smoothly will certainly help improve your day. It seems convenient to hit that “remind me later” button on update notifications but finally accepting the updates could help your day run far smoother and increase your productivity. Plus if your applications aren’t up to date you are more susceptible to cyber-attacks – it’s not an everyday occurrence but if it happens you it won’t be a good workday.


Take Breaks

Not only does taking breaks play into avoiding the aches and pains of prolonged periods of sitting it can also help productivity. A popular approach to taking breaks to optimize productivity is the Pomodoro method. The Pomodoro method involves working (usually for twenty-five minutes) than taking a five-minute break except for every fifth break which is longer (fifteen to thirty minutes should work). This process aims to create shorter periods of high productivity rather than longer periods of deteriorating productivity. The overall aim is to achieve greater output.


Get The Right Tools 

Having the right tools for the job is essential for a great workday. When working from home, in particular, you must have all the right tools to keep everything working efficiently. For example, being able to properly communicate with your team when remote working requires different tools to working in the office. Staying connected with your team is much easier with apps like Zoom and Slack. Using sub-par software or trying to force tools to work in a way they are not optimised for is an easy way to worsen anyone’s workday.


Natural Light

Possibly the simplest item on this list, letting in some sunlight is a great way to improve your workday. There are studies connecting sunlight exposure to everything from reduced eye strain to fewer headaches and better sleep among many other benefits. It is such an easy tick in the employee happiness box that many companies actively consider natural light in their office design. Of course, going for a walk in the sunlight during a break is ideal but in place of this (or in addition to it) making sure you are situated in a place to soak up some sunlight is great too. 


Improving your workday doesn’t require a complete overhaul of your office or schedule. Even if you are remote working you can upgrade your workday with some (or all) of the tips in this guide. From eliminating the pain of a slow computer and getting the right tools to connect with your coworkers to improving your posture and enjoying some natural light there are many amazing tricks for improving your workday. 

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