Creating space



Ergonomics in The Office

Ergonomics is a word that we often see as consumers, but may not wholly understand. When we use the word ergonomic to describe something, a product, piece of equipment, collection of furniture, it essentially means that extra thought has gone into it so that it is fit for human use. Creating something that is ergonomic

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How to Find The Best Office Chair to Fit Your Needs

Office chairs are hugely important and we may not realise it. Think about where you spend most of your working day if you are based in an office, chances are you’re in your chair for most of it. This reason alone is why we encourage you to invest in a chair that is best for

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Home office

Creating The Best Home Office in The North East

Whether you work from home as part of your job’s perks of flexible working, or you run your own business, it’s important that you have an appropriate space for working. Whether it’s turning your spare room into a multi-use office space, or creating an area in an unused corner of your dining room, it’s essential

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Modern Day Office Design

Historically office design was all about making the most of the physical space available; how many desks can we fit into the space we have, because more workers means more productivity right? However, if you talk to any productivity specialist they will tell you that it’s not about the quantity of hours you work, it’s

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Standing Desks – Should I convert?

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular due the benefits they have on our posture and indeed our general physical wellbeing (we spend far too much of our time sitting down as it is), but historically they weren’t cheap and a variety of standing desk conversion kits came onto the market. Designed to sit

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