Creating space



Modern Day Office Design

Historically office design was all about making the most of the physical space available; how many desks can we fit into the space we have, because more workers means more productivity right? However, if you talk to any productivity specialist they will tell you that it’s not about the quantity of hours you work, it’s

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Standing Desks – Should I convert?

Standing desks are becoming more and more popular due the benefits they have on our posture and indeed our general physical wellbeing (we spend far too much of our time sitting down as it is), but historically they weren’t cheap and a variety of standing desk conversion kits came onto the market. Designed to sit

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Is it time to start renting your office furniture?

Ikea recently announced plans to allow its customer’s to rent furniture They want to give their customers the opportunity to rent their interior decoration, allowing them to change the look of their homes and offices from time to time without throwing away good furniture. A trial has begun in Switzerland, offering businesses the opportunity to

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Wellbeing In The Office

Wellbeing In The Office In any office it’s important for your employees to be comfortable, healthy and happy in themselves before they can be productive, efficient and creative in their work. Employee wellbeing should be invested in as a priority, as it has been proven that businesses with healthy and happy staff enjoy high levels

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Trying Headspace: Guided Meditation

Trying Headspace: Guided Meditation Since I was around 16 years old I’ve struggled with anxiousness, I’ve always been a terrible sleeper, and I panic at the most random times over the most random situations, such being on a metro. So, I’ve always wondered if there was a way I could control my panicking and anxiousness,

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Exercises to Improve Your Childs’ Posture

Exercises To Improve Your Child’s Posture As previously discussed in the ‘How Your Posture Can Impact Your Success’ blog, the way you carry yourself can really impact how you see yourself. A child’s bad posture could have many causes, such as hunching over school desks, bending their neck to look at their phone (text neck),

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