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7 Signs You Should Invest in Your Health

Can you really afford to risk your health? We always seem to invest our time and money in material things, but what about the things that really matter and can affect our health and well-being? When it comes to our body and state of mind, it’s all about how we treat them. If you have

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Workout at Your Desk

Sitting down all day has some unpleasant effects on our bodies and health; our muscles shorten, blood supply to our muscles is depleted, and too much pressure is put onto the discs in our spines resulting in chronic back problems. There are even risks of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and type 2 diabetes from sitting for

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Reduce Neck Pain – Get Your Monitor Screen in The Correct Position

Ergonomic furniture is quickly becoming extremely popular as more businesses realise how important it is in the workplace to avoid illness and keep their employees fit and healthy. One very useful ergonomic tool that would benefit everyone is a monitor arm. Your computer monitor should always sit directly in front of you at arms length,

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Standing Up Every 20 Minutes Can Help You Live Longer

It is common for people to spend most of the day sitting, however experts have said that we should be taking an active break from sitting regularly to avoid long-term health problems. One way that is very effective in implementing this is through the furniture we use, more specifically height adjustable desks. Sitting for long

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Colour Your Way to a Stress-free Life

Colouring in has developed into a massive trend since its beginnings as a niche hobby – colouring books find themselves on bestselling lists and you can colour in pretty much anything you want these days. However, while this trend is fun to pass the time, it’s the therapeutic qualities of colouring in that really have

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