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Your chair is the single most important component of a healthy working environment. Selecting a chair ‘fit for purpose’ not only ensures good posture but encourages movement. Because we are all different shapes and sizes, a chair comfortable for one person may be inappropriate for others. With over 20 years experience we are committed to advising on ‘everything seating’ and promoting well being in the workplace. So much so, we have developed our own ergonomic seating range, PostureActiv.

Ergonomic Chairs

Bad posture eradicates the natural s-shape of the spine. Health professionals are recognising the serious health implications that may result from prolonged sitting. PostureActiv can provide you with the ergonomic seating solution that is right for you, increasing blood flow and reducing the risk of developing muscle deteriotation and joint problems.

Task & Operator Chairs

The engine room for your business, where workspace ergomonics play a key role in ensuring your staff stay ‘focussed on the task’ for many hours. The task chair must be responsive to posture and movement, adjustable while seated and be fully customisable to ensure staff retain concentration. Our chairs tick all of these boxes, all having innovative design and leading edge mechanisms. Ideally ‘one chair fits all tasks’ but this is not always the case and you may require a chair with specific feautures to carry out ‘the task in hand’. Feel free to get in touch if you need any advice on choosing the right chair for the task, our goal is to keep you safe and healthy.

Executive Chairs

The chair that requires as many facets to it’s make up as it’s user. The highest quality materials, assembled by the finest artisans to create the most elegant finishes for chairs with cutting edge design. The chair that has to make a statement, that has one chance to make a first impression.

Meeting Room Chairs

Meeting rooms not only provide break out areas for your staff to experience the adrenalin rush from a ‘eureka moment’, they are also the room to impress and make visitors comfortable. You get one chance to make a first impression.

Educational Chairs

A totally flexible range of chairs that ’tick all the boxes’ supporting both your academy’s day to day operation, and equally projecting the right professional image to your students and visitors alike. From lecture room to communal areas, one chair to entire refit, we apply our ‘know how’ to provide you with seating solutions.

Industrial Chairs

Specialist tasks needs specialist seating and advice. With over 20 years experience in this sector, we have all the solutions.

Reception Chairs

Make your reception area work as hard as your staff by introducing statement chairs that will both welcome your visitors and make them take notice.

Soft Seating & Breakout

Corporate organisations take soft seating and ‘breakout’ areas to a new level with quirky themes and seating. Not only to give their staff a stress-free break, but because they realise the impact it can have on companies’ performance.
One ‘Eureka moment’ from a chance meet up can be a game changer operationally for your organisation. You don’t necessarily need a ping pong table in your breakout area , but the cost benefits of a relatively inexpensive footprint could be significant. Get in touch for more information on soft seating and breakouts.