Office Furniture Gateshead

Posture Team is a trusted and well-reviewed office furniture provider in Gateshead. We have been supplying storage solutions and office accessories around Gateshead for over ten years. We’ve cultivated a superb reputation in our time, striving to make every customer interaction the very best.

We offer something for everyone, accommodating a wide range of office styles and sizes. Browse our excellent products, and the Posture Team guarantees you will find the perfect accessories for your office.

Here at Posture Team, we feel you and your employees should strive for the very best experience while at work. We help our clients create modern, comfortable, and safe workspaces dedicated to ensuring employee productivity and reducing downtime.

Our chairs are ergonomic and supportive, offering maximum comfort for long days in your home office or the workplace. If you would like any more information regarding the office accessories we have available and the refurbishment services we provide, please call us on 0191 516 6226 to discuss your requirements.

Flexible Workstations For Your Office

We offer an excellent selection of fixed-height office desks that provide you with complete flexibility regardless of the size or shape of your office. Our range of workstations are popular in Gateshead- they are practical and come in various sizes.

Whether you require individual or group desks, we are sure to have the perfect solution. We have received excellent feedback from our many Gateshead-based customers. If you are looking to improve your office environment, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0191 516 6226 to discuss your requirements.

Office Furniture in Gateshead You Can Rely On

We have a vast selection of high-quality office furniture available across our various ranges. Our range of furniture gives you the chance to transform your workspace, providing everything you need to ensure your workforce is happy, healthy, and productive. 

We have a host of practical, stylish, and ergonomic office furniture for Gateshead businesses, from chairs to workstations. No matter your needs, we have the accessories to help you create your dream office. 

Why Opt For Ergonomic Office Furniture?

We specialise in ergonomic office solutions for your Gateshead-based business at the Posture Team. We believe that furniture should be designed with your body in mind, and it is worth the extra investment. When you opt for ergonomic products, you reduce your employees’ physical strain and stress during long hours in the workplace. Happy and healthy staff members make for a happy and healthy business, so the furniture you select has the power to secure your success.

We have a host of practical, stylish, and ergonomic office desks and filing cabinets for businesses. At the same time, we can provide anything from chairs to workstations. The Posture Team has the expertise alongside a wide range of products to help you create your dream functional office, no matter your needs.

Office Chairs

Providing your employees with supportive and comfortable office chairs is extremely important. Having an office chair that doesn’t give the proper support can lead to your employees developing muscle and joint injuries. We offer an excellent range of office chairs throughout Gateshead and the surrounding areas.

We have transformed many office spaces, creating a satisfied and supportive environment for the workforce. If you feel your business would benefit from a new set of chairs to accompany your office desks, make sure you get in touch with us. We’ll deep dive into your requirements and help you to select unique seats that’ll support your staff.

Office Refurbishment

If you feel your office space looks old and tired, Posture Team offers a reliable and professional office refurbishment service throughout Gateshead and the surrounding areas. We transform offices into modern state-of-the-art places of work to provide your employees with the perfect surroundings to promote their focus and efficiency.

We have over twenty years of experience in office refurbishment. We have gained an excellent reputation around Gateshead as a local company offering high-quality products. Additionally, our focus on customer satisfaction always ensures outstanding support and advice during any refurbishment project. We assign dedicated project managers to every one of our works. Our experienced staff members will act as a direct point of contact throughout, keeping you updated on progress and answering any questions you have.

We will work closely with you to get the best understanding of your ideas and requirements to incorporate these into your perfect design. We will then draw up a 2D or 3D design to accurately see how your office will look. It will also give you a chance to make any final changes before we begin refurbishment.

If you would like to make plans for your Gateshead office transformation, give us a call on 0191 516 6226 to discuss your ideas.

Expertly Designed Ergonomic Chairs

Many employees suffer joint pain and discomfort due to the inadequate office chairs available in the workplace. Poorly designed chairs don’t promote good posture or provide the comfort and stability required for being seated for long periods. Inadequate support can result in employee injury, potentially meaning inconvenient and costly time out of office.

Posture Team understands the importance of having high-quality furniture available for employees to use, so we have created our range of ergonomic office chairs. Our PostureActiv range is a favourite in offices in Gatehead. It has been expertly designed to promote good posture, stability, and comfort. 

If you have an office in the local area and are interested in our range of ergonomic chairs, don’t hesitate to call us. We can arrange your free trial and free desktop assessment.

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