Office Furniture
Designed for


We have supplied offices with the furniture designs trending over the years. We have guided businesses through office refurbishments, synergising their workflow with office workplace practices of the time. We have been a part of the evolution in the way we work. Whether you require a single replacement desk or a complete site refurbishment we are the people with the products, services and experience to provide the solution.

Sit-Stand Desks

Not all tasks can be carried out at standard desk height, and not every office can afford the space to dedicate desks to specific tasks. Sit-stand desks are the multi task space saving solution. More and more research points to the benefits to your health of moving throughout the day, our sit stand desks delivering a programmed ‘work out’ that won’t interrupt your ‘work output.’


Bringing you personal space – designed for collaboration.

Bringing you ergonomics – designed for support.

Bringing you performance – to match yours.

Office Storage

With office rental and ‘off site’ storage at a premium, taking control of your storage not only reduces your storage footprint, but also gives you an opportunity to review your workflow.

Reception Furniture

From the first visitor of the day to the last, you have a ‘prime time’ advertising space to promote your company. With over 20 years experience in reception refurbishment we can make lasting first impressions on every visitor.

Boardroom Tables

If your reception is your most important space, your boardroom table is your most important piece of furniture. We have a table for every boardroom.

Training Tables

If one word could describe our conference and training furniture, it would be flexibility. Flexible to transform a lecture room into a demo space, flexible to set up and stack away quickly and efficiently, flexible to fit into the most challenging of spaces.

Office Screens & Pods

New offices are built open plan, which encourages inter – departmental collaboration and communication. However it is important noise and light are managed to both foster staff well – being and maintain performance. We specialise in partitioning, anything from desk standing screens to full acoustic booths.