Creating Space...

to connect


We spend between 6 and 8 hours at our workstations every day. To meet the demands of prolonged sitting and working, our stations must be adequate to perform the tasks in hand with sufficient ‘at arms reach’ storage space, incorporate safe cable management for a range of multimedia applications, and provide the correct level of ergonomic protection. Stand –  alone or modular stations to create zones within open plan space, we have the solution for the dynamic workspace.


Only 30% of companies in the UK occupy office space purpose built to meet the demands of a dynamic working world, the remaining 70% are working in offices from bygone days. We have both stand – alone and modular stations to accommodate every office. Our modular system is perfect in the open space concept to create zones for teams and encourage collaboration; our stand – alones are ideal for individual and quiet stations.


Because we are all different shapes and sizes, we need the chair that best maintains the natural ‘s’ shape of our own spine.
It’s not only your chair that impacts on your posture, when choosing a workstation ergonomics should be a key priority. At no other time in your life will you sit at a workstation 6 to 8 hours a day, everyday. Incorrect desk height, decentralised knee wells and the monitor’s height all impact on your spinal ‘s’ shape and neck. Too shallow a desk and monitors will cause eye strain.

Safe & Slick

With the growth in open plan office space, and the resulting decline in fixed wall offices, companies are using the additional floor space to design their workspaces around their workflows.
More space brings with it more stations, more technology to be connected, and more cabling. Our cable management systems, ensure your floorspace remains both ‘spaghetti & trip’ free, allows easy access to the cable tray from the worktop, and ‘trouble free’ installation of wires and sockets. In addition the seemingly cable free environment presents a well organised and professional company.